functional and beautiful

closet redo... closets can be beautiful too

free fix... empty space on the wall... we found this great costume in the closet.

simple changes such as paint and new curtains a few accessories...done.

fresh flowers or even silk... bring life to a room.

empty corner redo on the cheap.

grasses are all in style.

relaxing conference space

metro style office

amazing what a few bottles of water can do to your counter space

rented space hallway redo... not crazy about the white doors and trim but they had to stay

babies nursery

babies first play space

empty wall... to art gallery wall

a little rearrange and working with what they had... goes a long way

what a difference a couple yards of rough fabric and silk flowers make in a room

cubes make great storage 

favorite redo yet... the foyer

a few accents to a foyer table make a beautiful entrance

bath tranquility with a few inexpensive bars of soap

a few decorative bottles of soaps... lotions and potions make those useless shower shelves look beautiful

iron gate pieces hung on a wall... add instant depth and artistic ambiance

hide the ugly desk stuff... or at least give the eye something nice to draw too

simple bottles of water

bare counter tops... dress them up with a few different cooking oils 

even the recycling can be amazing

wicker cubes equal excellent storage solutions

guest seating by day... file storage by night