Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where To Shop And How To Shop For Less

Home decorating and design, does not need to be expensive. Think of working with what you have. Think of new creative ways to utilize something. Recycle... reuse... re - purpose. For example, turn a coffee table into a bench for added seating. Bored of looking at your brass chandelier from circa 1980??? Spray paint it with brushed nickel spray paint. Quick tip: Everything can be painted. I just completed a living room redo for $100. How did I achieve that so cheap??? It was easy. The sofa was in perfect condition and in a neutral beige color. The goal of the redo was to eliminate all the burgundy accents in the space and replace them with the oh so trendy... chocolate brown and eliminate all the tired brass and make it fresh with brushed nickel.. Switching out the throw pillows on the sofa made a huge impact. Painting the fire place doors from brass to brushed nickel created a much needed modern feel. New floor to ceiling window treatments that I made from a bolt of sale fabric added a little drama. Rearranging your key furniture pieces always adds a fresh feel to a space. Eliminating clutter and adding a few accessory pieces finished off the look the client wanted to achieve. They already owned a few great accessories... we just retouched them. Adding a few white candles and white flowers, added the clean fresh element they were seeking. I hit a great bargain sale out of desperation at TJ Maxx... Home Goods and Kohls. When they have sales, they have amazing sales. Never pay full price , wait for sales. Think the little man when shopping. Your local guy in your neighborhood not a world wide chain store. They will be more flexible on the price. Think online wholesalers. I will never buy a vase, fabric or candle in a store again, if it can be avoided. Online is amazing... be cautious of shipping costs. In most cases, if the shipping costs are too high, call the vendor and ask for free shipping or to work out something. Nine times out of ten, they will work with you to not lose the sale. I find many unique pieces online also.

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