Thursday, October 14, 2010

Storage Solution

No matter how many closets we have, for some reason we feel we lack storage space. Or maybe I am just a pack rat and have not come to terms with it yet. My favorite storage solution is the storage cube. Big fan !!! Cubes will be a part of the design 36 home decor line... launching 11/1/10. I have three in my living room. One for each kid to keep stuff they play with. Cuts down on toy clutter in the bedrooms, I do not see whats inside, and the bonus... they come in handy for extra seating when we need them. I think I might be a cube addict, now that I think about it. I have them everywhere. Every room in the house has them. I even put a few round ones (I know... if they are round they are not cubes) in the kitchen. They hold all those weird things you do not know where to store, or do not want to take up precious cabinet real estate storing. Perfect storage solution for all those sports bottle, travel mugs and lunch bags. They serve double duty also, the kids sit on them and keep me company when I wash dishes or cook, and we move them around to block off the stove when I am cooking from baby bubba so he doesn't get hurt, but he is still a part of the family action without being locked down in his high chair. Next time you think storage solution ... think storage cube.


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