Monday, November 8, 2010

How To Make A Bed Like A Pro

Step 1

Changing the look of your bedroom can be as simple as changing your bedding. Mix and match at least three colors, and don't be afraid to mix patterns! Start with a quilted mattress cover which protects and enhances the comfort of your mattress.

Step 2

Sheets are a great thing to pick up on sale whenever you see something you like. When making the bed, pull the top sheet up high and fold it back over the blanket, coverlet, or quilt.

Step 3

Use a coverlet, quilt, or textured blanket in white, a great pattern, or color that compliments your linens. Lay it over the linens and tuck it in around the edges.

Step 4

Get out your fluffy down comforter (or down alternative if you are allergic). If you have a queen size mattress, use a king size comforter and a queen size duvet cover to create more fluff. If you have a king size mattress, buy an oversized king comforter and a king cover.

Step 5

Buy an Egyptian cotton comforter cover in a solid if your coverlet is patterned, or patterned if your coverlet is solid. Tri-fold the comforter at the base of the bed, creating a fluffy band which extends to hang over the sides.

Step 6

For a more fitted look, try a patterned coverlet.

Step 7

instead of a patterned duvet, try a solid one. White can look so clean, inviting and spa-like!

Step 8

Try placing three various sized solid and patterned decorative pillows on each side of the bed. Start large at the top, perhaps using a Euro sham, and decrease in size as you get toward the foot. A full width bolster always gives the bed a great finished look.

Step 9

For a more streamlined look, use fewer pillow and focus on one bold color.

Step 10

Your sleep pillows can be hidden behind the largest pillow at the head.

Step 11

For a more modern look, stack 2 same size queen or king pillows on each side; add a long bolster to sit in front or one decorative square in front of each stack 


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