Friday, November 19, 2010

Warm Up A Room Quick and Easy

Take a cue from your wardrobe.

 Add winter textures like wool, cashmere and velvet. Try draping a wool blanket across a sofa or tucking it into the cushions for an instant slipcover. Stuff sweaters with pillows, sew up the openings (top, bottom and arms) and tie the sleeves in front. Or cover end tables with thin scarves and shawls.

Be inspired by your spice rack.

 Color can have a warming effect, so look for earthy shades like cinnamon, curry, saffron and nutmeg. Then add a fragrance to match.  If you don’t have a working fireplace, group several flickering candles in the hearth to create a warm glow.

Create rooms within rooms.

 Pull furniture away from the walls; then arrange in groupings to make intimate conversation areas within larger rooms. Use small rugs to distinguish separate rooms within a room—perfect for tea for two or curling up with good book.


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